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I have been a director at university, community college, and public libraries. I would describe myself as being people centered, data driven, and a lover of the the freedom of information. I have graduate degrees from Florida State University and Southern Christian University. My undergraduate degree is from Arkansas State University.

vintage book pages

The Next New Thing: Books on Paper

Libraries have, for many years, learned to be adaptive and to capitalize on strategic marketing. Because many of us have witnessed an increasing interest in print books from patrons as we added new technologies, I suspect there is potential positive marketing opportunities in marketing print books in a new way.

Sign - Silence Please

Take a Fresh Look at Your Library

One of the most important years of my life was 1983. I started kindergarten that year. The girl that would later become my wife also started kindergarten that year. Another important happening in 1983 was that one city’s Friends group donated funds to get a security gate for its public library. A plaque commemorating the event was prominently placed on the wall near the library’s entrance, where it remains today.

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Anger in the Workplace

Comedy Central’s Steven Colbert is famous, in part, for his ability to craft words for specific needs (http://www.colbertnation.com/video/tags/The+Word). While my abilities with the English language are not on the same level his, I would like to present some fictitious words that can help library staff deal with anger in the workplace.