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I am a children's librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library where I do programming, school outreach and community engagement. I am also an avid urban cyclist, songwriter, meditator and mother of two.

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Brooklyn Public Library’s Ready, Set, Kindergarten! Texting Initiative

Brooklyn Public Library promotes early childhood literacy through “Ready, Set, Kindergarten (RSK) on the Go!” a texting campaign that complements BPL’s face-to-face early literacy program, “Ready, Set, Kindergarten!”

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It’s Not Fine to Not Pay Your Fine

Use of public resources is based on the premise of sharing. Like public parks and pools, public libraries have rules to ensure equal access. When a patron checks out a book, they must return it within a specified amount of time so other members of the public can access it. When a patron doesn’t return their book on time, or at all, not only is it not available for other patrons to enjoy, but the library also loses revenue replacing materials.

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(Don’t) Break a Leg: Children’s Librarian as Performer

Newsflash! If you are a children’s librarian, then you are a performer. As such, there are things you can do to make your “performances” really special. This post will focus on the most universal of library performances: storytime.

With a Twist: Old Works Get a New Life at the NYPL

Digitization of archival materials has radically changed the way we search for and retrieve information. Gone are the days when one had to book a flight to examine documents in a foreign museum or spend hours reeling through microfilms at a library. The New York Public Library is one in a long list of major institutions that now offer their collections in digital format.

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Is it a Carnival? Is it a Circus? No, it’s Storytime!

The good news: New York City libraries are facing an unprecedented demand for storytime. The bad news? How to manage the numbers.