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I am currently a library manager in the District of Columbia. I began my career in public libraries as a Library Assistant at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland. After earning my M.L.I.S., I worked in Los Angles , Prince William County and Arlington, VA. I am reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

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Libraries Are A Lifeline

Increasingly, libraries are offering programs specifically targeted to the homeless that provide opportunities to talk with library staff, social workers, job counselors, and other social service specialists. Customers who spend the better part of each day with us include a growing number of the homeless, those experiencing mental illness and or substance abuse issues, or those who need help following a variety of personal or family traumas. Many arrive at opening time and spend most of the day reading, using the computers or the WiFi, or simply enjoying a safe place away from the elements.

Roaring Back from Rejection: Managing the Peaks and Valleys of Your Library Career

During my two decades in public libraries, I’ve had a few dark valleys—failures, rejections, malaise—in the midst of many more soaring triumphs. I experienced a particularly dark valley some years ago. I found myself worn down and not sure of the next path to take in my career.


Tackling Library Sacred Cows with Structured Debate

Can public libraries use “Structured Debate” to re-examine our sacred cows and keep pace with our rapidly transforming service models? Elaborate displays, traditional book clubs, bulging, outdated collections – how can we proactively respond to opportunities and challenges?

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How Did You Celebrate National Friends of the Library Week?

How did you celebrate National Friends of the Library Week, held October 18 through 24? I, completely unaware of the event celebrating our Friends, requested funding for a puppet show during the Annual Friends Meeting held that very same week! A blunder that our Friends President, Peter Lynch, automatically forgave because…well, that’s how Friends are […]

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Who are the Jon Stewarts of Libraries? Call out our Superbosses!

Steven Bell, in his September 2, 2015th article in Library Journal, “Library Superbosses Lead by Creating Careers/Leading from the Library,” defined the superboss as a leader with a keen ability to recognize tremendous talent, then develop it to create new library leaders who can strike out to and achieve their own “great things.”

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Creating a Space for Makerspace

In in a July 15th article on Edutopia.org, “Fostering Creativity with Makerspaces,” high school English teacher Nicholas Provenzo describes the perfect home he found for a makerspace, the library, and his 4-step process to make it happen. A lifetime lover of the creative process, Provenzo has always worked with his students to pursue ideas and make amazing projects over the years. Facing the challenge to replicate this experience for students outside of his classroom, he found the maker movement fit the bill.


Is There Hope on the Horizon for Unsustainable E-book Prices?

In a thestar.com article dated June 18, 2015, Vickery Bowles of Toronto Public Library lamented that the Big Five Publishers charge libraries up to $135 per ebook, sometimes five times the cost consumers pay. These publishers supply nearly half of all library books, according to the story. Purchasing multiple copies of high interest titles has put tremendous strain on some library’s budgets.

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EveryLibrary to Launch “The Political Librarian”

“The Political Librarian” is slated to be EveryLibrary’s venue and platform for the advocacy work they do.  Their motto is “Any library initiative anywhere matters to every library everywhere.”  Everylibrary trains, coaches, and consults library stakeholders and supporters to increase civic awareness to win campaigns and funding at the local level for libraries.

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Public Libraries are the Place to Learn and Exercise your Rights

The public library is a go-to place for communities seeking social change to learn, plan, and exercise our rights in the face of widening concerns over police brutality. The Library as Refuge A recent Public Libraries Online, The Little Library That Lent a Hand, detailed how the Ferguson Municipal Public Library District in Missouri remained […]