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Sarah Hashemi Scott is a librarian in the Seattle, WA area.

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Dispatches from PLA 2014—Library Makerspaces: Building Community through Participatory Learning

Makerspaces were a hot topic at PLA 2014. At Friday morning’s program entitled “Library Makerspaces: Building Community through Participatory Learning,” several top library innovators discussed creating and running makerspaces and participatory learning experiences in their libraries.

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Digital Literacy Instruction: Models for Public Libraries

“New Americans and the Digital Literacy Gap,” a recent article in American Libraries, tells the stories of two library systems that are helping immigrants to bridge the digital divide. The examples of these two library systems provide digital literacy instruction models that can be utilized by public libraries of all kinds.

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Help the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Support Public Libraries

How can public libraries best serve their communities in a future where e-books and ubiquitous digital content are the norm? How can they best meet the needs of their communities in a time of extraordinary and rapid change? These are questions that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries Initiative wants your help in answering via a brief online survey.

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Social Justice and the Public Library

As librarians, we know that intellectual freedom, education, and democracy are among the most important of our profession’s ethics, values, and foundational principles. These values and principles are codified in the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association and the Library Bill of Rights.

Seven Reasons to Support Unglue.it

Unglue.it is a crowdfunding platform for ebooks. It rewards authors and publishers for making their ebooks available to the world under Creative Commons licenses. According to Unglue.it’s website, to “unglue” is “to make it clearly legal for a digital book to be used, distributed, archived, and preserved by libraries.”Librarians should be paying attention to this. […]

Making the Case for a Public Library Makerspace

A makerspace is a tool that can advance the fulfillment of the public library’s mission, especially when paired with an effective program of instruction.