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November/December 2011Volume 50, No. 6

November/December 2011 – New Product News

New CoverCake Channel Available from Boopsie Boopsie and CoverCake have simplified mobile discovery of books covered by pop media. Boopsie has announced that it will offer access to CoverCake’s book discovery platform, which makes it easy for consumers to find books mentioned by such popular media as news magazines, radio, and daytime talk shows. CoverCake […]

Taking Stock: Shelf Space and Allocation

Baltimore County (Md.) Public Library (BCPL) has seventeen branches, aged from one year to many decades old. When a branch is built, we purchase enough of each type of shelving to hold the projected collection, based on types of material. Each new branch is designed to hold a specific collection size. Over time, even with […]

Collection Development: Western Philosophy

The word philosophy traces its origins to ancient Greece and can be defined as “love of wisdom.” A philosopher, then—in the broadest sense— is someone who seeks wisdom. These are more than academic platitudes or strained justifications; philosophy touches upon and impacts the foundations of all branches of knowledge. Neither philosophy’s significance to the intellectual […]

Libraries Without Walls: The Opening of the Carnegie Library at Pittsburgh’s Public Market Branch

With looming budget cuts and the challenge of adapting to new technologies, libraries are facing hard times of providing new services while surmounting large funding gaps. Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan once wrote that “He not busy being born is busy dying.”1 This sentiment is certainly true of libraries, which must constantly reinvent themselves to overcome the […]

Our Last Column, Part 2: Aloha and Greatest Hits, Or How to Stretch Beyond Print

Michael: It’s fitting that our last column is also a first for us—part two of a two-part series! David: Yep. We roll like that. Michael: Speaking of rolling, let’s roll . . . and get on with it! David: Right-o, my man! Last time, we were looking through some of our past columns, seeing how […]