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January/February 2012Volume 51, No. 1

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Catch Up

It may be because I just spent half of my vacation in bed with a cold, but writing to you today about e-books is about the last thing I feel competent to do. Instead, I am going to take advantage of my current elected position and its bully pulpit to rant about being middle-aged and […]

Developing an E-Book Strategy: Now and For the Future

This is my inaugural Wired Library column, Public Libraries’ platform for examining how libraries interact with technology. We’ll be looking at many shiny gadgets and web tools through the life of this column, but I want to kick things off by emphasizing that this isn’t about technolust. No matter what tools are out there, a […]

The Last One Standing

Back in 2008, I was interviewed by a reporter. With a sly and knowing air, he asked me if libraries were going to survive the Internet. On February 27, 2009, after 150 years of operation, his newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, printed its final edition. Now when reporters ask me that question I answer, “You […]

The E-Book Experiment

The proliferation of e-books over the last ten years has been nothing short of staggering––sales of e-books in the United States last year more than doubled to $441.3 million from $169.5 million, according to the Association of American Publishers.1 The share of adults in the United States who own an e-book reader doubled to 12 […]

Balancing Patron Demand for All Formats

E-business is booming at the Toronto Public Library (TPL). Like most North American organizations dealing in books––whether that’s libraries, booksellers, publishers, or online retailers––we’re experiencing exponential growth in demand for e-books, and the popularity of the format doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. And while publishers and booksellers see many of the […]

A Practical, Public-Service Approach to E-Books

Worthington (Ohio) Libraries has been a member of Digital Downloads, formerly known as the Mid-Ohio Library Digital Initiative, since 2006. We, the authors, are members of the public service staff and work with e-books in a variety of ways: helping patrons inside the library, planning e-book and e-reader programs, and training our colleagues on e-readers. […]

New Product News Jan/Feb 2012

E-Book Sales Drive New Delivery Models Booktrack, a startup headquartered in New York City, has announced the release of soundtrack-enhanced e-books. The experimental technology is something that Booktrack founders hope will catch on and change e-book readership. The company’s proprietary technology combines music, sound effects, and ambient sound, automatically paced to an individual’s reading speed. […]