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image of an old manuscript

Artificial Intelligence Used to Search Handwritten Manuscripts

Adam Matthew Digital is a UK company that digitizes unique primary sources including periodicals, correspondences, photographs, and even handwritten manuscripts in archives around the world. They share their collections ranging from Medieval Travel Writings, World War Propaganda, and Eighteenth Century Journals with researchers, universities, and libraries. Last month, the company announced the launch of Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that searches the full-text of their handwritten manuscript collections.

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Libraries in an Artificially Intelligent World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is perhaps most familiar to the general public thanks to Hollywood’s generous incorporation of this concept into movie plots—Blade Runner, Chappie, and Transcendence are just a few examples. We see artificial intelligence in novels too (many of which are later adapted for the big screen). For example, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is an artificial being with intuition, while Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot by explores the relationship between AI and humans.