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Better Broadband: How Your Library Can Take Advantage of E-Rate Funds

Think about the utilities you have at your library: electricity, water, and gas. Could your library survive without those? Probably not. Now, consider your programming and public access technology. How much of it relies on Internet connectivity? How much more could you be doing with better Internet connectivity?

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Got E-Rate? Bridging the Broadband Divide with the E-Rate Program

The Internet is a necessity for not just checking email or research, but also for applying for jobs, learning new technological skills, and gaining confidence. If a person is unable to have broadband access at home, it is all the more imperative that their local library have sufficient access to not only bridge the gap in the digital divide, but also in digital literacy.

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FY2015 E-rate Funding Targeted Toward Expanding and Modernizing Wireless Networks in Schools and Libraries

Funding for POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) will end, additional funding available to expand broadband capabilities.