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Library Call Centers

More and more public libraries are searching for new ways to remain relevant and provide convenient, useful service in today’s fast-paced world. To do so we have increasingly focused on ways to offer services to customers in a manner that does not require people to be physically present in one of our buildings to receive assistance. These options include telephone, email, chat, texting, and mobile web. But the more we offer the more thoughtful we must be in planning for support of these services so that neither customers nor library staff become frustrated or dissatisfied. Is the persistent ringing of telephones interrupting staff that otherwise might be available to proactively help customers on the public floor? Channeling telephone calls away from staff at the public desk and directing this telephone traffic toward knowledgeable staff dedicated to making calls their top priority has real benefits for everyone. Several libraries have consolidated these services under one umbrella similar to a business call center, including (1) Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries (DCL), (2) Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (Ohio) (PLCHC), (3) Jefferson County (Colo.) Public Library (JCPL), (4) High Plains Library District (Weld County, Colo.) (HPLD), and (5) Johnson County (Kans.) Library (JCL). Each organization has taken a unique approach to creating a successful call center in order to meet customers “where they are.”1