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Fine Forgiveness Programs

The idea of charging fines for overdue materials can be a contentious one in our field. While the question does bring out strong opinions, the fact remains that libraries still charge fines, and many also have programs to waive or work off those fines.

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It’s Not Fine to Not Pay Your Fine

Use of public resources is based on the premise of sharing. Like public parks and pools, public libraries have rules to ensure equal access. When a patron checks out a book, they must return it within a specified amount of time so other members of the public can access it. When a patron doesn’t return their book on time, or at all, not only is it not available for other patrons to enjoy, but the library also loses revenue replacing materials.

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Fine Forgiveness for All

When patrons face financial difficulties, what can libraries do to help? These fine prevention and reduction programs offer creative solutions to keep patrons in good standing, even when times are tough.