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ALA’s Awards and Grants Can Give Your Library a Boost

If your library is like mine, your list of expenses is growing while funding is either stagnant or trending down. That’s why we are enthusiastic about any sources of nontraditional revenue, no matter how modest.

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

In the library world, we often need to raise money for different activities or purposes. Fundraising events can be done in a variety of shapes and forms; and some activities, like galas, dinners, or book sales, have become tried and true staples. What about when you want to try something fresh and new?

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The Importance of Library Insurance: Investigate It Before You Need It

To be honest, insurance was not something I really thought much about. Of course I held personal insurance (home, auto, etc.), but for the library? I recognized the importance of the library having a basic liability policy.


Challenges of a Rural Library

While some of us may be used to large urban public libraries that have almost anything we want, this is not the case with rural libraries. What some people take for granted others would treasure. Many libraries in rural areas are at a crossroads where they find themselves in a financial situation that does not allow them to advance.

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Making Hard Choices During Budget Cuts

When I go back to my favorite restaurant growing up, I find it pales in comparison to my memory. What I’m experiencing-currently-is not what I remember. Life is about change. The library is an organic entity with a life of its own. No matter how much we cling to our memories, what we recall in […]

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Perks for Library Donations

There currently exists a mindset that if you want people to donate to the library, you must offer them something in return. A perquisite (perk).While I argue that the continued existence of the library IS the perk, some of my library’s board members do not agree.

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Community Engagement and Extraordinary Fundraising

Back in March I went to my very first PLA Conference. If you’re like me, you were wishing you could clone yourself to get to more presentations and were frustrated more than once at not being able to get into a room because of those pesky fire codes. Fortunately they weren’t always looking.