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People-Powered Research Enables Large Scale Projects

Many of us are familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. Companies like Kickstarter allow anyone with an idea to solicit funds to make it a reality by posting their proposal online to invite anyone to donate money. Tens of thousands of people have contributed to the creation of new technology, music, software programs. Even canceled-but-beloved television shows like Reading Rainbow have been reborn thanks to the efforts of Kickstarter campaigns.

New Resource Provides a Global Perspective of the Middle Ages

Often, when we think of the Middle Ages, we think about England, France, or Italy. The vast variety of art to come out of those regions and historical events like the Black Death are part of the reason, not to mention the tendency of U.S. schools to teach primarily Western European history. So it’s interesting to see a resource that tries to address this time period with a global perspective.

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The Importance of Preservation

Currently, I am taking a library science research methods course with a focus on archives. It had me reflecting on the topic of preservation. I realized that now, more than ever, there is a need to continue preserving all forms of our cultural history, whether it be books or other objects. Across the United States, public libraries contain special or local history collections which are vital to educating and engaging patrons.