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Literacy For Incarcerated Teens

Literacy means more than learning to read for teens in New York’s juvenile detention facilities. Literacy for Incarcerated Teens supports literacy programs that transform incarcerated teens’ lives.

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When the Prison Doors Slam Shut On a Teen: Hope in Literacy

Low literacy skills, poverty, and school dropout rates are common denominators for incarcerated teens. Gaining literacy skills create lifelong activities—improved self-esteem topping the list. Begin there and there’s hope for everything else to happen.

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Juvenile Ex-Offenders Need Libraries Too

As a teacher, sometime librarian and present day counselor in a jail’s school program, I work with teenagers, ages 16 to 21, many of them only recently discovering that they like to read. Our jail school offers them a little rolling library on wheels with a limited selection of ragtag paperback donations, comic books, and book orders that we hope will make it into next year’s budget. Even with this limited collection, I know that I keep them busy and interested in reading. The public library can offer them so much more when they are released.