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University of Wisconsin Concept to Create Library Hubs

We have all heard speculation about libraries of the future, and how they will look and function for their users. Here is a different concept for the future of academic libraries.

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Despite U.K. Library Closures, Patrons Need Their Libraries

Anyone who is familiar with the library world knows that libraries have recently faced a number of budgetary challenges. In the United States, this has manifested in shorter hours and reduced staff. You are also probably aware that in the United Kingdom, libraries have been systematically closed. An article by Amelia Dimoldenberg specifies that in the last six years, the United Kingdom has closed 350 libraries, and another 111 are slated for closure next year.

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We Can’t Lose Our Public Libraries—in Britain or America

The United States is far from the only country facing library closures and budget cuts. According to the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy annual survey of libraries in Great Britain, there was a £50 million cut from library budgets across Britain in 2014–2015, and 106 libraries closed.[1] In The Guardian’s “Student” section, Greta Bellamacina recently made a strong argument for the importance of public libraries, particularly as a vital resource for students.