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In-the-Trenches Leadership

Anyone who has ever been in a managerial position has experimented with handling conflict and a variety of personalities. From an autocrat to an “in the trenches” type of leader, I have seen the various personalities and reactions that are activated when one has to exercise their managerial obligations. In her article “Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians,” Library Journal’s Executive Editor Meredith Schwartz collaborated with library directors to see what leadership attributes future managers should have. Good communication, teamwork, and excellent interpersonal skills are the types of leadership skills that seem to work best.

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Who are the Jon Stewarts of Libraries? Call out our Superbosses!

Steven Bell, in his September 2, 2015th article in Library Journal, “Library Superbosses Lead by Creating Careers/Leading from the Library,” defined the superboss as a leader with a keen ability to recognize tremendous talent, then develop it to create new library leaders who can strike out to and achieve their own “great things.”