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person holding several moving boxes

The Top Three Challenges of Library Relocation

Due to a renovation project for some much needed building repairs, my library was forced to temporarily relocate. Our approximately 65,000-item collection was reduced to a little over 4,000 available items. We left our 4,900 square foot space to set up temporary residence in approximately 300 square feet. The transition process took four weeks. We hired a company to pack our collection for storage, but all other packing, including what we were moving or needed accessible was done by staff. We are now settled in and hope to return home in the fall.

It’s All About Location for Successful Libraries

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Central Branch of the Saint John Free Public Library (SJFPL). This library system – which serves the Province of New Brunswick – has the distinction of being Canada’s very first free public library. Established in 1883, the Saint John Free Public Library and its three locations circulate approximately 300,000 items among its nearly 45,000 library card holders during a typical year.