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may june 2016 issue of public libraries magazine

FEATURE | The Imitation Game: Applying For-Profit Strategies in the Nonprofit World

When it comes to making changes in the work­place, most of us already know to look for inspiration from other libraries and librarians, and even other nonprofit groups, but there is much to be learned from the for-profit world. If you’re looking to improve your statistics and create a new, vibrant environment, check out some corporate strategies and adapt them for your library. Adaptation is crucial—what was popular and worked well before may be passé and ineffective now, and a service or medium of communication that seemed like a passing fancy may be here to stay.

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Being a Library Detective

The basis of all great detectives and scientists is observation. There is something to be said for using statistics and numbers to determine how the library is being used. It is concrete information. However, observing patron behavior either surreptitiously or based on the evidence left behind in the library tells a complementary story to that provided by statistics.

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Take a Fresh Look at Your Library

One of the most important years of my life was 1983. I started kindergarten that year. The girl that would later become my wife also started kindergarten that year. Another important happening in 1983 was that one city’s Friends group donated funds to get a security gate for its public library. A plaque commemorating the event was prominently placed on the wall near the library’s entrance, where it remains today.