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Creating Safer Libraries

The last year and a half has certainly posed new risks to staff safety, but public librarianship was not necessarily risk-free pre-pandemic either.

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KEEP CALM AND LIBRARY ON: Avoiding Summer Burnout

Summertime can be pretty overwhelming in a public library, even if you don’t work in youth services. Thanks to an increase in unstructured time, the library becomes a popular place for students and their families. At my library, we also see an uptick in usage from residents who do not have school-age children and come in to stock up on books and media before heading off on vacation. While the rest of the world is getting the chance to relax, we’re kicking it into high gear in order to provide the best possible service for our patrons.

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Stressed Out At The Library

“Oh, you work in the library? You must love getting to read all the time!” Have you ever heard that line? Many people have no idea how stressful library work can be.