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A Needle in a Haystack: Writing Digitally about Proper Digital Preservation

With a little searching, maybe someone can find a needle online in the haystack of information. At least, if they have some idea of where it might have been in the first place…

John Adams Collection at Boston Public Library

Thanks for Ungluing

Access to digital content is one of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century, not only for libraries, but also for the public. Unlike physical content, which has material costs and must be stored at a cost, digital content can be copied without cost. Yet the marketplace for e-books greatly resembles that of physical books with copyright holders creating virtual scarcity. There are works in the public domain and also those written with Creative Commons licenses, but particularly the latter can be difficult to find. Is there a way to increase the accessibility of e-books written under a Creative Commons license, move more content into this space, and still support content creators?

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Keeping Content Value at a Premium

Regardless of how optimal or advanced the tech vessel becomes, studios (as well as, content producers and purveyors) still dictate the flow and order of release. Though many library systems are still experiencing high numbers for DVD circulation (or at a peak), many others are experiencing a gradual decline in circulation – nearly in tandem with their rise in digital/streaming video stats. The factors that contribute to this ebb and flow are subjective and unique to each community though – up for some, down for others – and naturally tied to what alternative media access methods may be available to compliment/cause one media’s decline (and another’s rise).