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Library Ethics and Social Media

The Jefferson County Public Library (CO) recently came under fire for allegedly posting politically sensitive tweets on the library’s Twitter account.


Why Blog?

According to Wikipedia, blogs have been around since the late 1990s. Since then, they have evolved to sophisticated avenues of sharing personal and organizational news and events. Whatever the purpose, blogs are now used widely by corporations, local government, and, yes, librarians. So how does a librarian use this tool in an effective way? How does it evolve and stay relevant both for the writer and reader?


Why Social Media Isn’t Working For Your Library

I’m hard-pressed to find a profession given to including the post-signature-line inspirational or motivational quotes more than librarians – well, maybe coming in a close second to teachers. At about the same time the seed for this blog entry idea started to germinate, I scrolled a bit past “sincerely” to find the old gem “if you build it, they will come.”* Which struck me as odd, because it has all the structural and surfacely mystical makings of a pensively evocative Zen koan, but…after you roll it around your palate a bit…it doesn’t really work. All the ceremonial makings, but none of the actual substance.