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WWI Library Service Poster

The Library War Service

World War I, the Great War, was a war of attrition fought across much of Europe. This war came to a virtual standstill due to mechanization and the introduction of the machine gun. No man’s land became a common term and trench warfare became a life for soldiers who were stuck in the muck and death of those trenches. Among all the carnage and destruction, however, books provided soldiers a sense of small relief and accompanied them when the trenches seemed so lonely.

Serving Those Who Serve

My community has several military facilities, both for the Army and the Air Force, with many service men and women stationed here. With this population come special needs, as well as opportunities for the library to serve them.
One of the first things we do is try to give information to new arrivals. Staff go to a monthly outreach event at the local Army base and present information on library services. All attendees are given a monthly newsletter and library location flyers. We have also found that many of our deployed soldiers utilize our downloadable materials since they are easily accessible no matter where they are in the world. Ensuring that information regarding these resources is passed along is incredibly important.