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Online Education: Connected or Disconnected?

Online coursework is becoming more prevalent across higher education, and this is especially the case in MLIS programs. When I began working towards my master’s in 2011, online programs were already popular; now, they seem even more ubiquitous. A recent article in Slate, “An Online Education Disconnect” by Rachael Cusick, explores the pros and cons of this type of study, which inspired me to explore my own thoughts as well.

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What Will Happen to the MLIS?

In light of recent changes to the merits of LIS degrees, two new ALA task forces will address and reform accreditation.


High School Diplomas with your Public Library Card

In what may be a first in the country, the Los Angeles Public Library is teaming with Career Online High School to offer online classes through the library. A library-sponsored scholarship to attend the online classes will be given to those who qualify by passing an evaluation.


The New Online Education

I was recently reading one of my alumnae newsletters that invited me to take online courses free of charge. Always curious, I went to check it out and was shocked to see some heavy duty courses taught by faculty from big name universities (Harvard, MIT, etc.), so I enrolled.