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New LibraryThing OPAC, TinyCat, Announced

There’s big news for tiny libraries. LibraryThing, the social book cataloging site, announced the launch of a new OPAC called TinyCat. Designed for small collections of less than 10,000 items, TinyCat is perfect for cataloging and circulating the collections of religious institutions, schools, community centers, and academic departments. Built on the user-friendly LibraryThing backend, TinyCat is a low cost, low skill way to offer library-like services.

screen shot of raspberry pi home page

Building Small, Cheap, Dedicated Catalog Stations: Do-It-Yourself Raspberry Pi OPACS

Thanks to previous articles on the Raspberry Pi, we were inspired to check out its charms at our library. Check out this step-by-step instructional article on how to actually use these nifty and cheap computers to do something highly practical and still ubiquitous in smaller public libraries – the standalone catalogs.