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kids laughing

Humorous Books Can Appeal to Reluctant Readers

It breaks our hearts to see increased numbers of unhappy children being dragged to the library by concerned parents wanting to improve reading skills. We believe there is a genre of books that will help both parents and children find reading happiness.

children playing

The Connection Between Reading and Play

The children’s section of our public library has a boat. And, as much as my boys would like to think otherwise, it is not a pirate boat to do battle or make your enemies walk the plank. It is a reading boat. The other week I met them after work and helped coral them out the door. Before we left, I helped my youngest son retrieve books from the cabin of the boat and place them in the shelving area. (Their Star Wars collection is amazing.) Upon arriving at home, my oldest asked me, “Where are my library books?” I replied, “We put them back because you weren’t reading them.” “But dad,” he said, “I wanted to read them at home.”