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Share, Write, Publish

It is both a blessing and a curse of public library librarians that we are busy. Whatever our title or job description, most of us wear many hats and juggle multiple and diverse responsibilities. For many, we consider ourselves lucky when we find time to go to a conference, read a list exchange, or even visit pages such as this.  Unlike our academic counterparts, most of us have no direct mandate to share our experiences, to present, or to publish. 

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Essential Librarian Skill: Writing

But all librarians use writing to do more than remind patrons of fines. To keep up with the latest, you have to go back to the basics of stringing words together to make your meaning clear. Writing is all over new technology, so much so that we don’t even think about it or notice it until it’s glaringly unprofessional or outright unhelpful.


Fan Fiction: No Longer Underground

Fan fiction’s popularity is soaring. Does it belong in the library?

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Lessons Learned from a Newly Published Author

For much of my life, I have had a close association with libraries and with books generally. Ever since I worked at the McKeldin Library Periodicals Desk – during my time as an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park – I have had an evolving relationship with libraries. Most recently, I have been actively engaged as a volunteer for my local library system, the Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL).