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Laura O'Grady Author Archive

Email: lauraogrady@derrytownship.org   Twitter: @@LibrisLaura

Laura is the Director of Library Services at the Hershey Public Library in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She received her MLIS from Pratt Institute in 2008 with a focus on Public Library Services. Laura's previous positions include Children's Librarian at Martin Library in York, Pennsylvania, and Director of Development for York County Libraries.

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Reframe Advocacy to Highlight Library’s Essential Services

By not specifically highlighting how the work of public libraries impacts disadvantaged populations we’re simultaneously selling ourselves short, reinforcing the idea that libraries are for some and not all, and slowly but surely digging our own grave. Our advocacy must start getting real about who is using our libraries and for what reasons. A public building is intended for public use, and not just the version of the public that people feel comfortable being around. Our facilities, services, programming and materials should be able to be used by even the most marginalized in our societies. Otherwise we’re not doing our job and assisting in its demise.