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July/August 2014Volume 53, No. 4

Looking Forward to a Productive Year Ahead

Thank you for your PLA membership and for being a part of the best association for public library professionals! One of the questions I was most frequently asked during my year as president-elect was what “big theme” or “signature initiative” I was going to bring to PLA in 2014-15. I am pleased to assure you […]

Simple Steps to Starting a Seed Library

The MVPL Seed Library launched in April 2013 with a plant exchange. Patrons were invited to bring culls, clippings, and spare seedlings to trade with their neighbors. A blurb on the flyer let people know that we were also accepting donations for our new seed library. Over the course of three hours on a Saturday, more than 120 patrons exchanged over 400 plants, and we received enough seeds to start our library.