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Myriam Lacroix On Her Spectacular Debut Novel

Myriam Lacroix’s intoxicating How It Works Out traces the life span of the relationship between Allison and Myriam, twentysomething creatives in Vancouver who first meet at a punk show. In each chapter, Lacroix reveals new layers of their dynamic as she examines the women in various scenarios in wildly different potential realities. From debating motherhood after they find a baby in an alley to combating depression through cannibalism, Myriam and Allison prove themselves an unforgettable romantic duo. Through it all, Lacroix deftly juggles multiple genres while spinning a love story readers will be hard pressed to forget. Critics have heaped praise on How It Works Out, with Kirkus Reviews singling out Lacroix’s “gift for cutting to the heart of things: the way you inevitably open yourself up to both injury and transformation when you try to love and be loved” and George Saunders calling the book “an audacious, breathtaking, and inspiring debut.” Lacroix spoke to us about her unexpected influences and pushing herself as a writer.