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I grew up and went to college in Wyoming, and received my MLIS at the University of Kentucky. Professionally I've worked in academic, corporate (MapQuest Publishing) and public libraries. Regardless of where, I'm passionate about making content more accessible, so digital content is a particularly favorite topic. When not working, my wife and I love to travel, hike, bike and enjoy craft brewing.

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StoryCorps @ Your Library Grants

Most parents agree it’s not good when their children get what they want all the time. If that’s the case, public librarians should be some of the best kids on the planet! A little rowdy sometimes, but hey, we’re kids.

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Quiet Spaces

A few years ago I was mountain biking just outside my home town of Green River, Wyoming. I stopped, and once my heart slowed down I realized there wasn’t a sound. No bugs, no breeze, no birds, not even a jackalope – just sagebrush and desert. It was absolutely amazing and peaceful! But I wouldn’t want that all the time. “Whisper Fight, ” a library-related commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, made a lot of us think of things like that desert, at least to the extent of considering just how quiet a library should or shouldn’t be. If you haven’t seen it yet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kMWLYYcAYw] check it out now. It’s not only safe for work, you won’t even need to turn down your volume.

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Community Engagement and Extraordinary Fundraising

Back in March I went to my very first PLA Conference. If you’re like me, you were wishing you could clone yourself to get to more presentations and were frustrated more than once at not being able to get into a room because of those pesky fire codes. Fortunately they weren’t always looking.


Los Angeles Public Library’s Cartographic Christmas

Christmas means different things for different people. For cartophiles like myself, a mappy Christmas means a happy Christmas. Glen Creason, map librarian at Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) since 1989, has been celebrating Christmas since late October.

Voices From the Past – Discovering Local History

Not many medium-sized cities in the United States are recognizable by most of the country. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I like to think, is one of those places, bringing to mind horse-drawn buggies, farmers markets, and family-style dinners (think chuck-wagon for you folks out west). Granted, reality is never quite as perfect as the brochure, but it’s […]