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Email: CraneD@pbclibrary.org   Website: Efficient Librarian   Twitter: @@efficientlibrar1

My name is Doug Crane and I have been a librarian for over twenty one years and I have been helping librarians and others get their inboxes down to zero since 2012! I believe that librarians should be on the forefront of using and teaching productivity tools and tricks to help the public manage their information more effectively. Information leads to knowledge which in turn leads to wisdom. It is my hope that the ideas from this blog will help lead to greater wisdom for all of us. I currently serve as Director of the Palm Beach County Library System. In addition to my role at Palm Beach County, I am the Past Chair of the State Library Council of Florida. The Council is authorized by the Florida Statutes with appointments made by the Florida Secretary of State. I am also Past President of the Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN). I am a proud lifetime member of the American Library Association (ALA) and a member of the Florida Library Association (FLA). In 2021 the FLA recognized me at the Florida Librarian of the Year. I am a proud member of Palm Beach County Toastmasters Club, where I have earned the Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, and Advanced Leadership Bronze designations. I am a past club President and twice Vice-President of Education. In my spare time, I admire my collection of Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers, and relax at home with my wife, daughter, dog and cat.

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Gazing Into the Crystal Ball

The one thing we can all predict about the future is that it will be unpredictable. That being said, we also know that certain themes carry forward like clockwork. After two crazy years, what does the future hold for public libraries?

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Is COVID-19 Still Preventing Indoor Library Activities?

When COVID swept across the country last year, libraries closed their doors to the public. Programming for children, teens, and adults went virtual and for the most part was very successful. Over time as buildings opened and services were restored, one thing that remained off limits was indoor activities and events. However, with vaccination rates climbing over the summer, many libraries explored reintroducing indoor activities. How many have taken that next step?

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Serving the Incarcerated During the Pandemic

Libraries have been providing service to the incarcerated for many decades. While this past year has challenged the ability to serve the general public, many library systems continue to reach out to jail and prison populations. Here are examples from three large library systems that reflect the variety of creative programs and the outstanding efforts […]

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Are We Reaching the End of Library DVD Collections?

When then-President Trump early voted at the Palm Beach County’s Main Library, late night host Jimmy Kimmel featured it in his show’s opening monologue. In addition to the usual jokes at the President’s expense, Kimmel was amazed by the long row of DVD shelving in the background. “Those are all DVDs. It’s a huge DVD […]

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COVID-19 Operating Restrictions Ease but Differences Remain

Now that vaccines are available and virus transmission rates are dropping, public library service is largely being restored across the United States, but at vastly different timelines.