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Email: katie.montgomery.lewis@gmail.com  

Katie Lewis is a MLIS graduate from Drexel University. She recently moved to Boston, Mass., and is passionate about public service. She is currently reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.


Santa Clarita Library and JukePop: A New Collaboration for Independent, Self-published EBooks

Did you say….Serial fiction??
One library is working with a tech start-up to give patrons “free addictive fiction published one chapter at a time.”

stick figures holding hands

Free Library of Philadelphia Building Inspiration Initiative— An Innovative Model of Library Service

The Free Public Library of Philadelphia (FLP) recently announced a major initiative for renovation and expansion of select library structures, community outreach, and partnerships, funded in part with a major grant from the William Penn foundation. This initiative is worth taking a look at for at least two reasons: it will be an innovative model for library service and is an example of strategic funding.


Bike-Based Library Services: Innovative Outreach

Why bikes? The basic idea is that with a little customization, creativity, and legwork, a bicycle can become a mobile point of service in the community. Bicycles go where bookmobiles can’t, provide an element of surprise, and spark a personal connection that will promote library services in new ways.


Transforming Your Library with a Garden

As we navigate the busy fall season, take a few minutes to think about how starting a garden can expand your community outreach, participation, and mission.