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Lucy M. Lockley is Collection Development Manager for the St. Charles City-County Library District in Missouri, coordinates the district's Readers' Advisory Team and has presented conference programs for the Missouri Library Association, the Public Library Association, and the American Library Association. Lucy has served on the Reading List Council, Notable Books Council, and the Zora Neale Hurston Award Committees, was Co-Chair for the RUSA CODES Readers’ Advisory Committee, and Chair for YALSA’s 2012 Midwinter Trivia Night Planning Taskforce. She wrote the chapter “Keeping Up: Genre Studies as Continuing Education” for ALA Editions The Readers’ Advisory Handbook (2010) and is a member of the Booklist Advisory Board (2012-1014). Lucy is currently reading THE MOVEMENT OF STARS by Amy Brill.

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Listening Advisory? What’s That?

Readers’ Advisory is not just about finding someone another good book to read. It is also about helping listeners find that next good audiobook.

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Time-Traveling Romance

Readers’ advisory doesn’t just apply to making book suggestions. All media formats should be considered when looking for links between titles. This mixing of media is called whole collection readers advisory and is a great way to not only expand individual knowledge of connections between titles but can also be a way to highlight backlist titles in the collection.

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Dispatches from Midwinter – I ♥ Seattle

The conference is over but I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about ALA Midwinter 2013:

The city of Seattle – Lovely! I enjoyed a great dinner at Schuckers Oyster Bar and a fantastic three-course lunch at Blueacre Seafood.

The Random House Opening Night Reception at Pike Place Market – Gene Ambaum, Bill Barnes, and their Unshelved players offered a hilarious skit of ‘things heard from librarians in the Exhibit Hall.’ The audience gleefully participated with the “Bookbag?” chicken cluck, the bovine “Boooooze” call, or the almost orgasmic but breathy “I heard you have chocolate. Where’s the chocolate?” booth query!

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Rediscover the Formerly Famous

Celebrity or interest in famous people is not a new pasttime. Fame is fleeting and books about celebrities have always been popular. There are numerous individuals who were well-known celebrities during their lives but unknown today. Except for the curiosity and research skills of enterprising authors, the names of many ‘formerly famous’ historical figures would have been lost over time.


ARCs Around the Library

Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) are a great way to get a heads up on forthcoming titles. As Collection Development Manager for my library district, I receive ARCs through vendors, publishers, and review journals. I truly enjoy receiving a box of ARCs, finding out about titles coming out in the future, and applying that fore-knowledge to the development of my library’s collection. I do select some to read myself, but there is no way for me to read all the titles I receive. A few years ago I found a means to share the wealth and at the same time gauge which titles might also be hot prospects among our customers.

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An Erotic Publishing Person of the Year!?!

Each year, Publishers Weekly (PW) names an individual they feel has had a notable impact on the field of publishing. On November 30, PW announced the 2012 Publishing Person of the Year. Their choice? E. L. James, author of the Fifty Shades trilogy.

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World Book Night – What Better Way to Spread the Love of Reading?

What do you think it would be like to pick a great location and then go there and give FREE books away to complete strangers? World Book Night (WBN) is a means of celebrating literacy and promoting the love of books and reading.

Book Discussion Mash-Ups

When is a book discussion not a book discussion? When the participants each bring and talk about news articles rather than all reading the same book.Discussing news articles rather than a single title can revitalize the members of a book group. This kind of book discussion mash-up allows the participants to choose an article from […]