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FYI Podcast – Libraries Ready to Code

Larra Clark Deputy Director for the Public Library Association and the American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), talks with Marijke Visser, Associate Director at OITP, about ‘Ready to Code” a new ALA initiative in partnership with Google, that aims to investigate the current nature of coding activities in public and school libraries for youth and broaden the reach and scope of this work.

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FYI Podcast – Teen Social Justice Symposium

In the latest episode of PLA’s FYI Podcast, we talk with Erin Hoopes. Erin is head of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Philadelphia City Institute Branch. Here we discuss an initiative she spearheaded at the Free Library, a Teen Social Justice Symposium.

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FYI Podcast – Building and Operating a Digital Media Lab

We talk with Jeffrey P. Fisher, author of the latest book in PLA’s ‘Quick Reads’ Series “Building and Operating a Digital Media Lab,” about planning your media lab–including creating a vision, selling the concept, budgets, staffing, programming, and more. Resources For This Podcast: The Fountaindale Public Library’s Studio 300 Quick Reads for Busy Librarians Store […]

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FYI Podcast – Pew Research Center Report: Digital Readiness Gaps

PLA Deputy Executive Director Larra Clark talks with John B. Horrigan of the Pew Research Center about his report, “Digital Readiness Gaps,” which finds that just over half of American adults have low levels of readiness to use digital tools as they pursue lifelong learning.

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FYI Podcast – Weeding Library Collections

Kathleen Hughes, PLA Manager Publications, talks to Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly about weeding library collections, awful library books they’ve discovered, and more. Holly and Mary have recently released a book in PLA’s Quick Reads series, entitled “Weeding Manual.” In addition, they are cofounders of the popular blog Awful Library Book (awfullibrarybooks.com) and co-authors of the book “Making Your Collection Count: A Holistic Approach to Library Collection Management.” Holly Hibner is adult services coordinator at Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, Michigan and Mary Kelly is youth services librarian at the Lyons Township Library in Michigan.

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FYI Podcast – A Social Ignition

Kathleen Hughes, PL Editor, talks to Sonja Skvarla, the founder of A Social Ignition. Founded in 2012, A Social Ignition was conceived while Sonja was helping various groups fulfill their missions in the field of post-prison reentry. She developed a curriculum of entrepreneurship and professional development and offered it to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

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FYI The Public Libraries Podcast — San Diego Public Library — Out Of The Shadows Program

In this episode, Kathleen Hughes, PL Editor, talks to Ady Huertas, Branch Manager of the Logan Branch/San Diego Public Library about the library’s program, “Out of the Shadows.” The program is designed to raise public awareness about the problem of sex trafficking in San Diego, bring to light the plight of sex trafficking victims and at-risk youth, and provide resources and support services for those in need in the San Diego area.

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FYI Podcast – Engaged and Inclusive: Institutional Approaches to Racial Equity and Social Justice

In Episode 10, we talk to Sarah Lawton, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Madison (WI) Public Library and Tariq Saqqaf, Neighborhood Resource Coordinator, City of Madison, Office of the Mayor, about how libraries can address racial disparities and create more inclusive public spaces. The Madison (Wis.) Public Library is working with local government to establish racial equity and social justice as core principles in all decisions, policies, and services. We discuss this model which focuses on dismantling structural barriers to equity through both an “equity impact tool” and participation on Neighborhood Resource Teams (action groups that support communities in identifying and addressing community needs). Recorded live at PLA2016 Conference in Denver.

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FYI Podcast – Where the Black and Brown Boys Aren’t (and Why)

Nichole Shabazz, Youth Outreach and Programming Coordinator at the Cleveland Public Library and Phyllis Hunter, Reading and Literacy Expert, Phyllis C. Hunter Consulting, Inc., presented “Where the Black and Brown Boys Aren’t (and Why) at PLA 2016.” Here they talk with PLA’s Brendan Dowling about closing the achievement gap, increasing representation, and finding entry points to engage this demographic. Follow Nicole at @BEattheLIBRARY and Phyllis Hunter at .@phyllischunter

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FYI Podcast – Disasters Bring Out the Best in Us – Providing Community Support

Dan Wilson, Associate Director for Collections & Library Services at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia Health System, and Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Librarian at the National Library of Medicine, presented “Disasters Bring Out the Best in Us: Providing Community Support When it is Needed Most” at PLA 2016. Here, they discuss, with PLA’s Brendan Dowling, how librarians and libraries are vital resources for the community during disasters, as they are in the best position to verify and disseminate correct information to the community. They provide tips on building partnerships with local agencies so that your library has a plan in place when disaster strikes. Listen here and also find more information at disasterinfo.nlm.nih.gov.

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FYI Podcast – The BOOMbox at Skokie Public Library

The BOOMbox is an experimental space designed to facilitate STEAM learning for all ages. Every few months the theme of the room changes. Programming includes events, classes, micro-workshops, movies, books, resources lists, and more. At the PLA 2016 conference, we talked to Amy Holcomb, Experiential Learning Coordinator and Mikael Jacobson, Learning Experiences Manager at Skokie (Illinois) Public Library, about The Boombox.

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FYI Podcast – How To Keep Your Library’s Facebook Page From Getting Hacked

Live from the PLA 2016 conference, we talk to Erica Jesonis, Chief Librarian for Information Management, Cecil County (Md.) Public Library, about How To Keep Your Library’s Facebook Page from Getting Hacked. What would you do if your library’s Facebook page got hacked and unwanted or even (gasp!) scandalous posts started to appear? Would you be forced to wait in agony for Facebook to hand back control? Don’t let it get that far! Learn easy and effective ways you can protect your organization and yourself so your account is less likely to get compromised in the first place. Jason’s share tips you can implement now to improve security for your organization and for yourself.

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FYI Podcast – Kari Chapin on Improving Productivity and Managing Time

We talk to PLA 2016 conference “Make It Extraordinary” guest speaker Kari Chapin. Kari Chapin is a best-selling author, teacher, marketing mentor, and consultant. She is a guru in the handmade industry, with her bestseller “The Handmade Marketplace” and her website (karichapin.com) propelling a multitude of small business-owners to success. In addition, her other books, “The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad” and “Make It Happen – A Workbooks & Productivity Tracker” (to name a few), help readers generate and capture their best ideas, as well as improve productivity and manage their time. Tune in to hear some great tips and find out what Kari is up to next!

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FYI Podcast – Amy Koester on Unprogramming

Kathleen Hughes (Editor, PL and PLOnline)talks to Amy Koester, Youth and Family Coordinator at the Skokie (Illinois) Public Library about the concept of unprogramming (creating and offering programs that are at once highly engaging and collection driven without requiring large amounts of planning, funds, and staff time). Amy also is a blogger, you can check out her blog at showmelibrarian.blogspot.com.

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FYI Podcast – The Bed Bug Guide for Public Libraries

We talk to Sarah Kittrell, author of the new PLA book, “The Bed Bug Guide for Public Libraries” Kittrell, collection development division manager of the Wichita Public Library, has served as her library’s pest management coordinator since 2012 and has amassed a lot of experience in the arena. In this podcast, we go over how […]