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November/December 2010Volume 49, No. 6

Project Read Gets Smart With Money

My big brother, the person who I always thought had his financial house in order, is facing the short sale of his home and possible bankruptcy. People we know—family, friends, and neighbors—are facing tough economic times. Lost jobs, home foreclosures, and cuts in hours and wages have caused people to lose hope in the economy […]

E-Books, E-Book Readers, and Next Steps

Here’s a scenario that recently occurred at Topeka and Shawnee County (Kans.) Public Library (TSCPL). Topeka is currently participating in the Big Read, a grant-funded, community-wide reading program. TSCPL picked The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett as its Big Read book. It is available in paperback and an audiobook version from Overdrive. One of TSCPL’s […]

Leadership and Advocacy

This is an important and challenging time to be a leader. Public library leaders are expected to have great motivational and communication skills; be innovators, risk takers, and strategic thinkers; and at the same time be fiscally responsible and politically savvy. Leaders are being held more accountable for their expenditures and need to be able […]