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I ♥ Working in Public Libraries

I started working in public libraries while still in college in order to fill up my free time and supplement my education — while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. It was a part-time job that ended up shaping my future, landing me in a career that I love!

The Votes Are in and U.S. Libraries Win

Even as the dust continues to settle from the election of 2012, an assessment of the final results unearths some interesting trends, especially with regard to ballot initiatives.

Creating Digital Tutorials

Digital instructional and reference content on your library website will expand the service area of your library and maximize the use of library resources available to your patrons. These objects can guide at-home and onsite users through use of the library resources including the library’s catalog, collections, and e-government services. Library computers can prompt users […]


Google’s Digitization Project – Full Steam Ahead

Opines on the settlement between the Association of American Publishers and Google, which seems to allow Google to continue their massive digitizing project.

Libraries in the Wake of Disaster

In the aftermath of disaster, we seek refuge in the places that are familiar to us. For so many dealing with the tragic devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the public library has become just such a place.

Making the Case for a Public Library Makerspace

A makerspace is a tool that can advance the fulfillment of the public library’s mission, especially when paired with an effective program of instruction.

“The Plot Shimmered Into Place”: A Conversation With Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott made her mark in the literary world with her tough, lyrical noir novels that honored the great pulp tradition through a feminist perspective. With The End of Everything, Abbott moved into a contemporary setting, telling the tale of a teenaged girl who unexpectedly discovers new strengths following the disappearance of her best friend.