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Google’s Digitization Project – Full Steam Ahead

by on November 15, 2012

What was that old Aerosmith line…“And the train kept a’ rollin’ all night long / (Yeah)  the train kept a’ rollin’ all night long.” Well, the Google train keeps a rollin’, trying to keep up with its lofty mission of digitizing everything.  October 4, 2012 revealed that the Association of American Publishers (AAP) had accepted a settlement, ending their seven-year suit against the “Great Aggregator in the Cloud.”  Tech blogger, Ingrid Lunden claims that the settlement gives the AAP some “control” over Google in their ambitious digitizing project. Here’s my post on the Emporia State University SCALA blog, offering a different reading of the situation…with some help from Nicholas Carr.  The upshot I’ll leave to The Grateful Dead: “[Publishers] you better watch your speed. / Trouble ahead, and trouble behind…”

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