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We Are The Second Responders

In my view, librarians are second responders; a later role that is much needed and of significant importance.  We are the group that enters the picture during the second wave of disaster relief, when many others have forgotten or grown weary of hearing of the situation.

image of emergency route red back ground white stick figure running down stairs

Don’t Forget Your Emergency Plan

Every October fire departments remind us to change our smoke detector batteries. This is the perfect time to update your emergency plan.

wild fire

Responding to Community Crisis

Libraries around the country are responding to help their patrons through a variety of disasters, from fires and floods to hurricanes. We are uniquely positioned to be able to provide support during the event, and preserve the information and stories afterwards. Recently, El Paso County, Colo., has gone through two devastating wildfires. Pikes Peak Library District has responded to these tragic events in several ways.