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Ferguson Municipal Library Shares its Good Story

Few were surprised when the Ferguson Municipal Public Library in Ferguson, Missouri was named the 2015 Gale/Library Journal Library of the Year. In an e-mail sent late last month to those who were so generous with their support of the library, Bonner provided an update on what Ferguson has been able to accomplish and where he and his staff hope to take the library in the days to come.

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Nepal’s Public Libraries Still in Distress After 2015 Earthquake

On April 25, 2015, Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake, registering around 7.8 on the Richter Scale. Between that first April quake and subsequent ones in May, this deadly force of nature killed a total of around nine thousand people. Almost 650,000 families were displaced, remote villages were cut off by landslides, and Mount Everest even moved over an inch.[1] Even more than a year later, political unrest has stalled the wheels of improvement.


Challenges of a Rural Library

While some of us may be used to large urban public libraries that have almost anything we want, this is not the case with rural libraries. What some people take for granted others would treasure. Many libraries in rural areas are at a crossroads where they find themselves in a financial situation that does not allow them to advance.

Technology Center Focuses on Innovation and Creativity

While a few other libraries have created digital video labs or makerspaces, no other public library has created a space with the many creative functions assembled in the Melrose Center. This project exemplifies Orange County (Fla.) Library System’s (OCLS) willingness to embrace unique new roles for a public library and its ability to live with risk-taking and be on the edge of completely new library services. By fostering and creating community content and not just serving up content from other vendors, OCLS has done something very dramatic and game changing, which other public libraries might perhaps follow.

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Perks for Library Donations

There currently exists a mindset that if you want people to donate to the library, you must offer them something in return. A perquisite (perk).While I argue that the continued existence of the library IS the perk, some of my library’s board members do not agree.

Getting the Most From Donations

In a recent informal survey, I asked librarians whether they considered donations of materials to their library a blessing or a curse—or somewhere in between. Not surprisingly, the responses were all over the map. Many praised donations as an  unalloyed blessing, often despite the fact that they are a lot of work. Many gave them […]