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I’ll Tell You What to Read: Online BookMatch Program Connects Readers to New Books

It has often been said that New York is the nucleus of the universe. It is the style-maker and idea generator for many and always has the pulse of the latest de rigueur movements in art, culture, and fashion. This fall, they decided to expand that into the world of libraries with the Brooklyn Public […]

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A Time and A Place For Everything

People understand and remember text better on paper than on screens. In fact, surveys indicate that for informational material people prefer paper. Further, brain activity in children reading paper and physically writing is higher than children reading screens and typing on keyboards. So, why do librarians and educator support the idea of the electronic library and future?

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Frenemies: An Amazon Story of Courtship

Amazon recently announced the Amazon Source collaboration proposal for independent bookstores , “empower[ing][ them] to sell Kindle e-readers and tablets in their stores” by offering a discount on the price of Kindle tablets and e-readers. Stores also have the opportunity to make a commission on books purchased for that device anywhere, anytime. In examining this proposal, it seems at the very least as harmful as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but at most a diabolical deal with the devil.


The E-Book Dilemma

The wait and see decision by many librarians has not only placed us in an awkward situation with publishers, but it also damages our credibility with our communities. How will they translate our actions?

Who is really out of touch?

Recently, Slate featured an excerpt from Andrew Piper’s book Book was There:  Reading in Electronic Times.  This excerpt was titled:  Out of Touch: E-reading Isn’t Reading.  The article goes on to describe how St. Augustine’s conversion came about because of reading, and to explain the profound importance of holding a book in your hands, a […]