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Amazon Books – Another Turn in the Spiral?

If you have not heard, book-selling giant Amazon currently has book*stores* in Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland with plans for more stores near Chicago and Boston. With Amazon also initiating a cashier-free grocery store, many have been speculating both why and what next.


E-book Trends Flattening, Paper Books Holding Their Own

Trends are showing a flattening of the e-book explosion. According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales fell by 11 percent through third quarter 2015.[1] Five years ago, experts predicted e-book sales becoming 50 percent of book sale market.[2] They also predicted that the sales of e-books through online retailers would cause brick-and-mortar stores to decline.[3] While e-book sales did increase exponentially, we have a seen a flattening of this trend. Even the marketplace is beginning to demonstrate physical presence has its place. Online-only retailer Amazon has made the move to expand into the brick-and-mortar market.[4]


Why Libraries Win: Library Lending vs. E-book Subscription Services

What do book subscription services have to do with libraries? Well, in a Forbes article, Tim Worstall suggests we “close all of the libraries and buy everyone a Kindle Unlimited subscription.” Using his home country of the United Kingdom, the author argues such an action would benefit the public in the long run. Are subscription services library killers? Here are some simple reasons why not.


Is There Hope on the Horizon for Unsustainable E-book Prices?

In a thestar.com article dated June 18, 2015, Vickery Bowles of Toronto Public Library lamented that the Big Five Publishers charge libraries up to $135 per ebook, sometimes five times the cost consumers pay. These publishers supply nearly half of all library books, according to the story. Purchasing multiple copies of high interest titles has put tremendous strain on some library’s budgets.

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Shelf Life: The Balancing Act Between Physical and Digital Books

In many respects, going digital just makes more sense, such as the choice between physical reference books and online databases. However choosing the digital option for books, while increasingly a part of our lives, does not necessarily have such a clear answer.

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(Mis)reading Between the Lines: Fifty Shades of the Avatar Effect

The 2013 sales numbers from the Association of American publishers are in, and in what may be seen as a surprising reversal – at least in comparison to recent years’ trends – hardcover books sales increased, while ebook sales have begun to level off.