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Checking Out Securely: The Challenge of Staffless Libraries

Without physical staff, some questions are raised: Who monitors the cameras? Who responds to such emergencies? What will the blind spots in the cameras be (like restrooms), and how will they be dealt with? The prevention of theft is a significant concern as well. Certainly a card system and cameras help, but cards and pins can be stolen and hacked, and identities can be hidden from cameras.

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Information Pulls a Disappearing Act

Several have sounded the alarm that information is disappearing. We’ve known for a long time that some of our oldest materials were deteriorating and that we needed to microfilm (now digitize) the items for preservation. What’s happening now is that new information is disappearing from current databases and resources.

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IMLS Releases Latest National Public Library Data

See how your library compares with the national trends. The FY 2011 survey shows correlations between data elements like library usage, collection size, and funding.

The 2013 Public Library Data Service Statistical Report: Characteristics and Trends

This report presents selected metrics for FY2012 PLDS data and previous year results in tables and figures with related observations. The results in this report were compiled using PLAmetrics.

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Stop Googling Around

I began my New Year’s resolution to “quit Google” soon after the New Year’s holiday. Faithfully sitting at the Info Desk waiting for the next patron to approach or call on the phone. I knew in the back of my mind that I was committed to using our robust and highly accurate databases in 2014 – instead of Google.