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Remember When This Was Full-Time? Your Newest Coworkers Don’t.

If you’ve recently graduated from an MLIS program, what I’m about to say isn’t a shock: You are not full-time. If you are an established full-time librarian, you’ve probably noticed that more of your coworkers are part-time than in the past. These new librarians have their own class of titles that imply part-time. Instead of librarian I, they’re librarian on call, per diem, or the euphemistic library specialist.

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Part Time Librarianship Brings Challenges and Rewards

In the Library Journal Salary Survey for 2014, 16 % of public librarians noted that they work at their jobs on a part-time basis. This trend is here to stay for a number of reasons (budget cuts and reorganization of staff responsibilities, to name a few). Many librarians (myself included) have had stretches in their career where they are employed at multiple libraries, each on a part time basis. Working as a part time librarian provides both challenges and rewards that ultimately can enhance your career.