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Finding Answers IV – This or That

In all my years of doing and teaching research, and searching for answers, there are two alternative places I like to look when trying to find information I know little about.

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A Roving Reference Assessment in Teen Services

Over the course of one month, staff members of the Chattanooga Public Library recorded every reference transaction made, using a free one-month trial on Gimlet, to help determine if removing the traditional information desk made a difference or not.

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Finding Answers

The most frequent request librarians get at the reference desk (other than directions to the bathroom) is a request for an answer–not necessarily a resource. Over the years of working with various organizations, businesses, and libraries, it seems we have great access to all sorts of information. We collect it, we catalog it, we index it, we sort it, we file it, we shelve it, and we make it available with computers. The government does a lot of that too, and they even give rewards, i.e., grants to those who will collect the information and make it available either as booklets, seminars, workshops, videos, and digitally online.

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Advice vs. Counsel

I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about the traditional old reference interview. Yes, we seldom talk about reference practices and services anymore, even though we (mostly) agree that it is still a vital and fundamental library service.

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Stop Googling Around

I began my New Year’s resolution to “quit Google” soon after the New Year’s holiday. Faithfully sitting at the Info Desk waiting for the next patron to approach or call on the phone. I knew in the back of my mind that I was committed to using our robust and highly accurate databases in 2014 – instead of Google.