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How Keeping Records Paid Off

When my library was renovated, the moving process involved notifying vendors, changing utilities, and managing our accounts. From the start, I kept copious notes of who I talked to and the content of our conversations. Here’s how it paid off.

al-Qarawiyyin Library Set to Reopen Once Dust Settles from Renovations

The library of the al-Qarawiyyin University in Fez will reopen for public use after the completion of major renovations led by Canadian-Moroccan architect Aziza Chaouni. After receiving a grant for the project from Kuwait’s Arab Bank, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture asked Chaouni to rehabilitate the library in order to safeguard its contents and make it suitable for public use. Chaouni was approached in 2012 to begin work on the renovations. In a field mainly dominated by men, she was surprised and pleased to receive the call; after all, the al-Qarawiyyin is the oldest library in the world, and this would be a huge and indescribably important undertaking. Four years later, the renovations are almost complete, and King Mohammed VI is hoping to cut the ribbon on the reopening in May 2016.

Meeting Rooms of the Future

Japan is known for advanced technology, lively pop culture, and its deep and ancient history. Many people do not likely think of libraries, however, when considering Japan’s contributions to its society and to the world. One Japanese university is changing the way information professionals and students alike view university library aesthetics and design, prompting a new view of the user experience in academic libraries.

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Tulsa City-County Library Renewal

Tulsa, Oklahoma has seen a lot of growth and renewal in the last few years. From bustling, youthful Downtown to quirky and artistic Cherry Street to family-friendly Bixby, the Tulsa metro area continues to boom. This growth extends to the Tulsa City-County Library (TCCL) as well. A renewal project has been in the works since 2011, giving the citizens of Tulsa County the excellent library services they are accustomed to from the TCCL.

The "Flower" at the Ørestad Pubic Library

Flexibility is Key: Innovations in Library Design

There’s no doubt about it: the way people use public libraries is changing, and the design world has come to reflect this shift. I am currently in the throes of renovating my library’s children’s room, and I was shocked upon beginning this project to find how different library fixtures are now than they were when we underwent our last partial renovation in 2012. For a department that has not physically changed very much since we moved into this building in the 1970s, it will certainly look and operate very differently when we’re done, thanks to a host of new products and choices.