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San Diego’s Craft Brewing Archive

Need a cold, refreshing look at brewing history? Look no farther than CSU San Marcos’s new Brewchive.

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Anti-Slavery Collection at Boston Public Library Gets a Digital Makeover

Library launches crowd-sourced transcription project to make 12,000 pieces of abolitionist correspondence searchable.


Check out Seeds at the Library

Recent research shows that many public libraries now manage seed libraries. This unique kind of “library of things” has many benefits for libraries and for the communities they serve.

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What’s In Your Secret Library Stash?

Libraries in northern New Jersey recently gave up some secrets to Jim Beckerman, staff writer for The Record. They shared some of the unusual items that live in ‘library limbo.’ For a variety of reasons, these items aren’t circulating, but librarians just can’t bring themselves to toss them away.

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The Evolution of Library Collections

What is a library collection? Many would answer books. For several centuries in the United States and to a large extent today this would seem appropriate, however, I believe it is too limiting of a definition for a modern library. The definition I would posit is the resources a library owns or leases to serve the needs and aspirations of its community. If a community needs equitable access to print materials, then the book collection is still accurate, however, this definition also gives credence to lending DVDs, ebooks, CDs, and many materials that alter the traditional paradigm of a library collection.


Los Angeles Public Library’s Cartographic Christmas

Christmas means different things for different people. For cartophiles like myself, a mappy Christmas means a happy Christmas. Glen Creason, map librarian at Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) since 1989, has been celebrating Christmas since late October.