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Ending Sexual Harassment at the Public Library

Sexual harassment has taken center stage recently, and it’s reached epidemic proportions in public libraries.

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The Library Needs Laughter

As library leaders, we need to do better, be funnier, and use humor liberally especially when times are tough and things are hard. Your staff, and ultimately your patrons, will thank you for it.

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The Best Meeting Ever

Have you ever asked your colleagues about the best meetings they’ve ever attended? While most of us have probably told war stories about mediocre to downright awful meetings, stopping to think about the very best meetings you’ve attended can be instructive.

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Coping With Eyestrain

In the May 5th issue of American Libraries Direct, Amy-Mae Elliot discusses a topic that is an unavoidable consequence of modern life: eyestrain. Anyone who spends several hours a day on a computer has dealt with it. Elliot says 68% of Millenials have reported suffering from digital eyestrain.[1] However, that’s not the only age group […]

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The Downside to Multitasking

As busy librarians, we must learn to work with shrinking budgets, dwindling staff, and the fact that there are not enough hours in the day. Time seems to fly by, so we multitask to fit everything in. Our patrons do the same by studying on laptops while listening to music, checking Facebook, and the like. However, an interesting article on Mashable states that studies indicate multitasking is not good for our brains.

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Are You a Multitasking Master? Think Again.

Multitasking is a myth. Odds are you are not the multitasking ace you claim to be. Working in a public library means being a master juggler. Here are some tips to help keep the balls in the air.