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Five Tips for Planning Teen Spaces

At fifteen, Emily Ellis didn’t see working in a library as a career but rather a better option than flipping burgers. As time went on, however, her opinions on librarianship changed, and she pursued her MLS, eventually landing a job as a high school media center assistant, where she discovered her passion for working with teens. Ellis became the “teen whisperer,” making connections with the students who stopped by her office when visiting the media center. Her talents didn’t go unnoticed, and Library Journal named her Mover & Shaker in 2012 for her work with teens.

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Library as Ecotone

May I suggest that the library is an ecotone? We are the space between work and home. We are the space between childhood and adulthood. We are the space between illiteracy and literacy. We are the space between unemployed and employed. We are the space between bullying at school and abuse at home. In the library ecotone life bursts forth; life that could only have begun in our space.

Learning from Librarians and Teens about YA Library Spaces

Young adult (YA) librarianship has received growing attention in the library literature over the past several years. However, the majority of writing on this topic has focused on the services provided rather than on the physical spaces where these services take place. As U.S. public libraries are evolving to meet users’ changing needs, we are in need of new design principles that reflect how users are actually using and interacting with their library spaces. Physical design elements have a large impact on how welcoming and comfortable the library feels, making user-centered design a crucial consideration in serving teens.