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YA Writer Dishes on Parody Twitter Account

If you wonder how much humor could possibly be centered on the concept of the fabulously good-looking but somewhat maladjusted teen, male protagonist, you clearly need to check out Broody.

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New York Comic Con 2016

I have always wanted to go to New York Comic Con but haven’t so far as it always seemed like it might be too crowded and I also felt that it was too expensive. However, this year I found out about the Pro Pass which is given free of charge to professionals, such as teachers and library workers.

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Boys Read Pink: Challenging Gender Norms

For over seventy years, the color pink has symbolized all things feminine. It was understood that girls wear pink and boys wear blue.[1] This idea extended into all areas of life, including themes of children’s reading materials. Boys’ books were filled with trucks, daring deeds, and the color blue. One middle school librarian never held […]

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What is an Adult Graphic Novel?

In the quandary of whether to have an “adult graphic novel” collection, do you have an idea of what you want “adult graphic novel” collection to mean for your library?

A Thank You Note to Librarians: A Conversation with Chris Grabenstein

Chris Grabenstein has had a prodigious output in the last several years, writing over ten books and winning two Anthony and three Agatha Awards. His latest book, Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, finds its young protagonists drawn into a complex game where they must decipher clues to discover the secret exit from their town’s brand new library, which just happens to have been designed by an eccentric board game inventor. Mr. Lemoncello has drawn praise for its witty tone and fast pace, and has already drawn comparisons to such Young Adult stalwarts as The Westing Game and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Mr. Grabenstein spoke with Brendan Dowling via e-mail on August 11, 2013.