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Get Great Deals on e-Books

by on July 9, 2014

Looking to get a deal on e-books?  Love sites like Groupon?  Then you should try BookBub.  According to the site, BookBub offers “limited-time free and discounted ebooks matching your interest.”  According to The Book Insider, BookBub’s editorial team only includes select works in its daily emails.

When signing up for BookBub, the person will enter his or her email address and then select as many book categories as he or she is interested in.  Some of these categories include:  Best Sellers, Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy & Sci-Fi,  LGBT Fiction, Children & Middle Grades, Teen Literature, Cooking, and more.  Each day BookBub will send a detailed listing of all its deals in the subscriber’s chosen categories along with links for the subscriber to purchase the deals.

BookBub isn’t the only subscription discount e-book service.  A few of the other good choices are Bookperk (a service from HarperCollins) and Riffle Select (very similar to BookBub). For Kindle Readers, there is the Kindle Daily Deal and the Kindle Monthly selection for $3.99 or less. Another option is the Barnes and Noble 101 Nook Books for $2.99 or less.  As a Kindle user, I know that most of the Barnes and Noble Nook Book deals are also available for the same price on Amazon.

So, if you love ebooks, check out all these deals to improve your digital library today!