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Outdoors or Indoors – Anywhere is a Good Place to Read

by on September 15, 2014

Recently the New York Public Library (NYPL) unveiled a new program that they hoped would encourage more patrons to make use of their wonderful collection.  For a limited time, they opened up space on their campus to accommodate tables and chairs, connected it with wi-fi, and invited the public to come and check out a book or make use of their wi-fi while on their laptops.  The outdoor program ran from August 5-15, and was quite successful.  Many patrons were delighted to enjoy a book and the summer weather at the same time.

This reminded me of one of the public libraries in my town.  I live in Toledo, Ohio and the downtown public library has a rooftop terrace complete with wi-fi,tables, and chairs for the patrons to enjoy.  This is a little different than a pop-up experience on ground level, but is still a wonderful addition to the public space and a great option for Toledo area patrons.  While working there one summer, I spent almost ever lunch break that was not encumbered by rain out on that rooftop reading and eating my lunch.

And then some more good stuff…

Additionally, “The New York Public Library is celebrating the excitement and personal joy of reading with the hashtag #ireadeverywhere. Beginning on Aug. 5, we are asking all of you to join authors, librarians and other readers from all over the world to share your favorite — and unusual — reading spots, along with the hashtag and our handle @nypl, all in an effort to inspire others to pick up a book (or an e-reader) and start their own adventures.” (nypl.org 2014)

Many times when I write about different happenings in the library world, I try to envelop it into my own work environment.  This program is an easy way to get patrons to connect with the library and to other patrons.  It may also inspire some users to check out new spots to read a book, or check out a title that they see in other patrons’  tweets.

In addition to participating with NYPL’s hashtag event, take these ideas to your local libraries and see what sort of response and inspiration come from them.  Getting the community involved via social media is a great way to spread the message about the joys of reading in your town and around the world.

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